G7 Week 07 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, March 9th

Today in science: In preparation for the school’s decision to move to a remote learning arrangement from Monday, March 16th until (at least) Friday, April 3rd, Dr. Merritt asked his Grade 7 science students to take two small steps towards making this type of learning possible. First, he asked students to go into their TASIS Google Drive account and share with him an already existing folder that students previously titled “Science 7.” Second, he asked students to go to the very bottom of any SCIENCEsEDiment webpage (including this page!) and enter their TASIS email address into the small “Enter your email address” text box–like the one shown below–and then click “Follow!”

After entering their email and selecting the “Follow!” button, students were then told to go to their TASIS email Inbox and look for an email from SCIENCEsEDiment. That email simply asks students to confirm their subscription actions by asking them to select a (blue?) confirmation button shown somewhere within the main text of the email. Students click the confirm button. However, when another window automatically opens up in Internet browser, they don’t have to do anything but close the newly opened window (don’t select any of the customization options or enter any addition information).

These actions simply arrange for all of Dr. Merritt’s students to receive automated email notifications whenever he posts a new science lesson to the SCIENCEsEDiment website in the coming weeks.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, March 10th

Today in science:

Today in science: Dr. Merritt introduced students to the “Science 7” Google Classroom today, onto which he had begun putting together resources for the upcoming distance learning lessons. One of these resources, called Kaboodle, included directions for how to access three online science textbooks from a student’s laptop or iPad–Activate Science 1 (the blue book), Activate Science 2 (the green book), and Activate Science 3 (the orange book). Because each middle school student has their own unique login for the Kaboodle website, specific instructions for the username, password, and institution code can be found within the “Remote Learning Resources” section of the Google Classroom.

Homework: There is only science homework tonight for students who were not present in class to complete the task(s) described above.

Wednesday-Friday, March 11-13th (No school)

Today in science: Because of issues related to the new/novel coronavirus, TASIS students were asked not to come to school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Dr. Merritt’s Grade 7 online science lessons will officially begin on Monday, March 16th. Although the main portal for these lessons will be hosted on both Google Classroom and the SCIENCEsEDiment homepage, links to all lessons and needed materials/resources will also appear on/in students’ TASIS Veracross portal.