G7 Week 08 – S2

Tuesday-Friday, March 20th-23rd

Today in science: After receiving some reminders, guidance, and instruction, students had the class period to make observations and collect data for their seed germination investigation.

Monday: Day 0
Tuesday: Day 1
Wednesday: Day 2
Thursday: Day 3
Friday: Day 4

After making observations and collecting data, students were asked to 1) revise their materials and procedure document to reflect what they actually did in their experiment, and 2) begin working on a review assignment called the “Food For Plants” packet. This packet consists of four chapters. Here, if needed, you can download and print Chapters 1-2 & Chapters 3 & 4.

Homework: All A, F, & G period students have been asked to update and/or revise their seed germination experiment MATERIALS and PROCEDURES–which are in a shared Google Document–BEFORE they leave for Spring Vacation.

After school on Friday, Dr. Merritt plans on downloading these documents for evaluation. Therefore, he encourages all 7th grade students to please make sure that their MATERIALS and PROCEDURES reflect what they have actually done in their experiment.

Also, students should be confident that they have used the 3 highlighter colors–yellow (MV), pink (RV), and green (CVs)–correctly. Any students worried that they have not done so should make time to meet with Dr. Merritt in class or during lunch recess.

Monday, March 19th

Today in science: After checking in the (printed) methods section of INV#6 with Dr. M, students then collected their materials and followed their written or printed procedure. The goal during this particular lesson was singular: to successfully set up a carefully controlled seed germination investigation within the 45 minute lesson.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.