G7 Week 08

Last week in science!

Monday, October 26th

Today in science: We (finally!) began our hunt for the chestnut embryo today. Using both our indoor and outdoor chestnuts, students were asked to locate, extract, draw, and photograph their chestnut embryo(s). To located their embryos, Dr. M first asked students to study the images included in the Seed Anatomy Resource given to them in class 2 weeks ago. The images in this sheet contained some important vocabulary terms (e.g., embryo, cotyledon/endosperm, seed coat), as well as some visual clues as to what embryos might look like.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 27-28th

Today in science: After completing a quick exercise called “Thematic sentencing,” in which students were shown how to create 2-item thematic sentences all using the term embryo, students were asked to spend time the following tasks, all of which must be completed by the end of Wednesday’s science lesson…

  1. 12 chestnut drawings in the actual lab notebook (4 outer shell, 4 inner skin, 4 ‘raw’ nut)
  2. 12 chestnut photographs in the digital lab notebook (4 outer shell, 4 inner skin, 4 ‘raw’ nut)
  3. 4-6 additional chestnut photographs in the digital lab notebook (2-3 embryo connected to the food source, 2-3 embryo disconnected from the food source and set next to a mm ruler).

Any students able to complete all of the above tasks with time left in the lesson were asked to organize, update, and format the existing entries in BOTH their actual AND digital lab notebooks in the order recommended below…

ACTUAL Lab Notebook

  1. Update Table of Contents (TOC)
  2. Make sure the pages are dated in the outside (upper) corner
  3. Make sure the first page of every new entry has a title that matches the TOC.

DIGITAL Lab Notebook

  1. Make sure all investigation TITLES are set to font style “Heading 1” (investigation subtitles can use “Heading 2,” but all other text should be set to “Normal text”).
  2. Make sure EACH NEW ENTRY/INVESTIGATION begins at the TOP of a new page. Of course, you can use the Enter/Return key to do this, but the better way to do this is to either use a shortcut (Command + Enter/Return) or, from the main menu, Insert > Break > Page Break.
  3. Update the Table of Contents by using the refresh wheel (laptop) or by taping on the text of the TOC (iPad) to bring up an option(s) bubble and choose “Refresh/update table of contents.”

Homework: Although there is no ‘official’ science homework to do during the long weekend, any students who feel they are far behind in updating their DIGITAL Lab Notebook should dedicate time at home to getting it into presentable shape before Monday, 2 November.

Thursday, October 29th – No classes

Today in science: —

Homework: —

Friday, October 30th – No classes

Today in science: —

Homework: —