G7 Week 10 – S2

Last week in science!

(Dr. Merritt is absent this week due to illness–not COVID)

Lesson 1 – Monday, March 29th

Today in science: The following numbered list shows the assignment sequence presented by the Guest Teacher ONLY TO STUDENTS HAVING ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED ALL 1.1-1.4 TASKS before the end of Friday’s science lesson…

1.5 – Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

1. Reading pp. 120-121 (Activate Science 1 – Blue book)
2. Answer In-Text (orange) questions A-C in Lab Notebook
3. Answer Summary questions (p. 121) 1-4 in Lab Notebook
4. Complete Purple Activity box in Lab Notebook
5. Complete Foundation Support Sheet 1.5
6. Complete ONTARGET! Application Exercise 1.5

Homework: All 1.5 tasks will be due by the START of next Tuesday’s science lesson (March 29) for C period students OR next Wednesday’s science lesson (March 31) for H period students.

Lesson 2 – Tuesday/Wednesday, March 30th-31st

Today in science: Today’s lesson theme is/was Human Reproduction. There is an assignment set for both C & H periods in the Google Science Classroom. It’s called “Adolescence & Puberty.” The assignment involves completing a question-and-answer document and using two different resources to do so: a BBC BiteSize middle school website and/or our Activate Science 1 textbook (blue cover). Remote learning students can access the textbook through the Google Science Classroom and the assignment directions are written within the assignment tab (which expands for the students when selected).

Homework: Most students completed the question-and-answer document during the lesson, but any students not having done so should complete (and submit) it before the start of their next lesson.

Lesson 3 – Wednesday/Thursday, March 31st-April 1st

Today in science: Each student received a (new) Human Reproduction packet today in class (remote students can use the link above to print their own). In class, students were asked to begin working through the packet starting at the beginning. Those students working remotely should spend their 60 minutes of class time working as far as they can in the packet, which is the same as the in-class students.

    • Some pages ask students to provide answers to questions in which there is no space provided on the original page. In those instances, a piece of lined paper has been included within the packet–typically on the following page for those requiring it–onto which students can record their answers.
    • As resources to help them locate and record the correct answers to each question (or complete each task), students can use the copies of the Activate Science 1 found in the classroom or the online version of the book (which all can access through the Google Science Classroom).
    • In the Activate Science 1 textbook, the Reproduction topic begins on page 40.

Homework: There is no science homework during the 4-day Easter Break. In other words, students do not need to work on their new packet during the long weekend.