G7 Week 10

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, November 9th

Today in science: Dr. Merritt devoted today’s lesson to explaining a bit more about how students’ overall science grade is calculated. Here is a partial summary of that conversation/presentation…

20% – Lab Notebooks (both digital and actual)
20% – Projects (always require multiple steps and multiple days)
15% – Formal Investigation Reports
10% – Tests
10% – Quizzes
10% – Homework
10% – Classwork
5% – Care

Plus, students were able to see their first comprehensive lab notebook evaluation (rubric) and have a look at a midterm grade detail (printout).

Homework: There is no science homework tonight, but after receiving their first comprehensive lab notebook grade today in class, it’s likely that some students will be busy at home trying to complete some missing lab notebook assignments.

Lessons 2 & 3 – Tues/Wed/Thurs, November 10-12th

Today in science: In an attempt to help students move from their first draft to their second (new and improved) draft, Dr. M worked with students individually to help them develop their ideas–as well as their writing–about seeds. Near the end of C period on Tuesday, students were encouraged to take a picture of the whiteboard, which had become a collection point for Dr. M’s individual conversations with students throughout the lesson. At the beginning of H period on Wednesday, students were provided with one of Dr. M’s mind maps on the whiteboard. Also on Wednesday, Dr. M made digital copies of the 4 seed pages found in the Usborne Science Encyclopedias (the big black books at the side of the room).

pp. 274-275 – Seeds and fruit
pp. 276-77 – Seed dispersal and seed germination

Homework: Dr. Merritt asked all 7th grade science students to finish the FINAL draft of their Seed Essay before Friday’s science class. All students are encouraged to proofread their final essay and check for spelling and grammar errors. The final essay should be typed into the assigned document in the Google Science Classroom. It should be a final product of which students are proud–it should put your deep knowledge of seeds on full display!!!

Lesson 4 – Friday, November 13th

Today in science: Dr. M first asked students to insert their Lab Notebook grading page–which was given to them earlier this week–into their lab notebooks and to enter it into their table of contents. Second, he asked students to use the grading sheet generated by Veracross, also given to them earlier this week and on which students could see their midterm science grade with scores for all of their assignments–to identify any missing Lab Notebook assignments that still require completion/attention. With any time remaining in the lesson, students could use that time to work on any missing lab notebook assignments or return to their Seed Collections to begin another set of observations that we will ‘officially’ begin next Monday.

Homework: The only students who have science homework this weekend are students who have not yet completed and/or submitted their Thematic Essay (Seed) to the Google Science Classroom.