G7 Week 11

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, November 16th

Today in science: At the start of the lesson, Dr. M announced that all DIGITAL lab  notebooks should be ready for grading/marking by Friday. Students were then asked to return to their (bagged) Seed Collections and to create short entries in their actual lab notebooks consisting of seed observations using the following senses: sight, touch, and smell. If desired, students could organize their observational work by creating a Noticings & Wonderings table for all of the bags.

Homework: All students have been asked to make sure their DIGITAL lab notebook is ready for marking/grading by Friday. Anyone needing help/assistance with this task should attend the Science Help Center during recess on Wednesday.

Lesson 2 & 3 – Tues/Wed/Thurs, November 17-19th

Today in science: We’re hunting plant embryos! After finishing describing the state of the seeds in their seed collections, students had the entire lesson to look for–and document–plant embryos discovered during dissections of specimens from their seed collections. Using dissection kits, microscopes, hand lenses, cutting instruments, cutting boards, and other tools, students were asked to find and identify the embryo inside a variety of different seeds. If found, students were asked to photograph the embryo and place the photos in their Digital Lab Notebooks.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Lesson 4 – Friday, November 20th

Today in science: After making new seating charts and assigning new (permanent) student numbers, Dr. M asked students to finish dissecting the seeds in their seed collection and photographing–if found–any identifiable embryos. Next, students were asked to photograph a (roasted) peanut embryo provided by Dr. M. Students. Finally, students were asked to begin uploading their photos to their DIGITAL lab notebook, but in a special format. Instead of uploading images, students were shown how to upload their photos as “Drawings,” which they can then annotate by adding titles, arrows/lines, labels, and other useful information. This process is different on the iPad than it is on a laptop–so Dr. M spent time helping students in both user groups.

Students in both C and H period were the subjects of at least one Equipment Care check (Dissection Kit took check) during the last two days of their seed dissections.

Homework: Students should spend 20-30 minutes getting their embryo pictures from this week’s seed collection investigation into their DIGITAL lab notebook. This includes the peanut and hazelnut embryos provided by Dr. M in class on Friday. This means creating labelled images as discussed in class. Additional assistance can be found in the 7th grade Notes Portal.