G7 Week 12 – S2

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, April 12th

Today in science: On his first day back in three weeks, Dr. M fielded plenty of questions pertaining to his whereabouts before then reviewing some things that had happened since he was last at school. As he catches up on checking in and evaluating the work students submitted during his absence, Dr. M asked students to pay special attention to any Veracross notifications they receive from him this week about past work/assignments.

Homework: After collecting all completed Reproduction packets and Reproduction practice tests, Dr. M (who was back in school in person today!) asked students with any remaining work to do on either (or both) of these assignments to complete them at home before their next science lesson.

Lesson 2 – Tues/Wed, April 13-14th

Today in science: In an attempt to transform the Reproduction packet into something more useful for reviewing/revising for the upcoming Reproduction unit test, Dr. M asked students to transform many (but not all) of the “I CAN…” statements found at the bottom of each packet page into possible test questions. Dr. M has recorded these questions for the all of the relevant packet pages in the Notes portal. These nine questions can be used by students to begin reviewing for the final unit test (which Dr. M said must happen before the end of the week, but students will help decide which day).


Lesson 3 – Wed/Thur, April 14-15th

Today in science: Students were given the entire class period to review for Friday’s Reproduction Test. The following resources and/or activities were made available to students:

  1. Complete all of the pages of the Reproduction packet (if you haven’t already).
  2. Answer the 9 review/revision questions that were created by transforming the “I CAN…” statements into test questions with Dr. Merritt in class.
  3. Complete the Reproduction Practice Test (and check your answers with the Answer Key).
  4. Use our Google Science Classroom to access a BBC revision/review website (see “Week 30”).
  5. Use the blue Activate Science 1 and/or Exploring Science 7 textbooks to complete the practice test questions.
  6. Ask Dr. Merritt questions about any of our Reproduction topics and/or see him to discuss problems you may have encountered with any of the past reproduction activities/assignments.

Homework: All students should spent time reviewing for Friday’s Reproduction test.

Lesson 4 – Friday, April 16th

Today in science: After turning in their completed Reproduction packets, students had the entire class period to complete the Reproduction unit test.

Homework: There is no science homework during the weekend. However, any students who did not turn in a completed Reproduction packet at the start of today’s unit test should complete by the start of class on Monday, 19 April.