G7 Week 13

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, November 30th

Today in science: In preparation for the upcoming seed experiments, students were asked to update the Reference section of their Lab Notebooks. This meant making sure that there were three single-page reference entries (for a total of 3 pages) at the back of each student’s Lab Notebook. All three entries–Forms of Energy, The Order of ‘Things,’ and The Properties/Characteristics of Life–can be viewed in the Grade 7 Notes Portal. Students were asked to copy these entries by hand into their Lab Notebooks.

Homework: Any students unable to finishing copying the THREE required Reference section entires into their Lab Notebook during the lesson must do so before the start of tomorrow’s lesson. Remember, each entry must be well organized, entered neatly (legible to others), and correctly titled.

Lesson 2 – Tues-Wed, December 1st-2nd

Today in science: With a new (blank) Thematic sentences sheet, Dr. M mapped a series of new embryo-themed sentences on the whiteboard. These sentences were generated in large part from the three new Reference entries in the back of students’ lab notebooks (see Monday) and will be useful when asked to invent and write explanations of the results seen in the upcoming seed experiments. At the end of the lesson, Dr. M collected the lab notebooks so that he could check to see that each student had correctly updated their Reference section.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Lesson 3 – Wed-Thurs, December 2nd-3rd

Today in science: Using a new sheet of A3-sized paper, a copy of the Periodic Table of the Elements, and a notes table presented on the whiteboard, Dr. Merritt asked students to develop a scientific understanding of each of the six ‘factors’ students said might affect seed germination in a previous class. One of the main emphases during this lesson was the differentiation of the six factors as either a form of “matter” (and thus made of/from elements found on the Periodic Table) or a form of “energy” (and thus NOT made of/from elements found on the Periodic Table).

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Lesson 4 – Friday, December 4th

Today in science: In preparation for next week’s seed germination experiments, students were asked to complete a planning sheet that introduced students to the language of experiments. In it, student met phrases such as research question, manipulated variable, responding variable, and controlling variables. This sheet will guide students when setting up their Brassica rapa seed experiments in Petri dishes.

Homework: There is no science homework this weekend.