G7 Week 15

Last week in science!

Monday, December 14th

Today in science: This was the last day for data collection for the seed germination investigation, which means that it is the final opportunity for students to make three types of observations: written sentences, seed drawings, and seed photographs. After finishing their data collection, students were asked to break down their experiment and prepare their Petri dishes for cleaning.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, December 15th

Today in science: After a (very!) brief introduction to the structure of a scientific research paper, students were asked to focus on two related tasks. First, any students who had yet to print any photos from their experiment–and insert them into their lab notebook for labelling/titling–were invited to do so during class. Second, and more importantly, students were asked work on a special “Discussion” document created for them by Dr. M in the Google Science Classroom. The Discussion document is due before the start of the winter vacation. Although there will be time available during tomorrow’s lesson to complete the document, students should put 20 minutes of effort into this assignment at home tonight.

Homework: The newly assigned “Discussion – Seed Germination Investigation” document, which was assigned to each student in the Google Science Classroom, is due before students leave for the winter vacation.

Wednesday, December 16th

Today in science: Any students who finished the Discussion document before the end of the lesson, they were invited to use a web-based programming interface called Trinket to complete a coding challenge: The challenge was to make ‘Turtle’ draw a holiday-themed picture (e.g., a Christmas tree, a snowman, a menorah, etc.). There is a resource given to students last year in 6th grade that students could use to help them remember some of the basics of coding in the Python language.

Homework: Assuming students completed and submitted (turned it) their Seed Germination Discussion document before leaving Wednesday’s science class, there is no other science homework during the winter vacation.

Thursday-Friday, December 17-18th (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: —