G7 Week 16

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, January 4th (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: —

Lesson 2, 3, & 4 – Tuesday-Friday, January 5-8th

Today in science: With either a laptop, iPad, or school Chromebook, students created a free account with Trinket.io as a way of engaging in the annual TASIS Science programme’s “Week of Code.” You can find some of the main steps that new students followed in science class while making their first program (or ‘Trinket’) in the Grade 7 Notes Portal, but returning students had different challenges depending on their ability (or memory!). These coding challenges are also listed in the Notes Portal.

  • At any time, students can refer to Mrs. Bloodworth’s “Turtle Basics” packet for help/advice/assistance.
  • There is also Python/Turtle coding help within the Trinket.io website, as well as lots of Python-focused sites on the internet who offer Python tutorials and tips.
  • Dr. M has also started a special Python Page he fills with useful codes based on common students’ requests (and questions).

Homework: There is no science homework on any of these nights, but of course students are welcome to work on their coding project(s) if they wish outside of school.