G7 Week 18

Last week in science!

Monday, January 13

Today in science: Students were asked to give their completed Power Plant Packet to Dr. M at the start of the lesson. Then, after learning the names of three different types of investigations (descriptive, comparative, experimental), students were asked to create a new entry in their Lab Notebook for a “B. rapa Seed Description.” In this investigation, students were asked to make at least 10 scientific observations about their Brassica rapa seeds without the use of any magnification instruments. Before staring their descriptive work, Dr. M spent a few minutes with students at the whiteboard discussing what counts as a ‘scientific’ observation. Students can see a summary of this discussion in the Notes Portal.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, January 14 (no H period)

Today in science: After brainstorming a comprehensive list of the types of ‘qualities’ or ‘properties’ that scientists might attend to when making descriptive observations about seeds, students were given time to not only add to their list of Brassica rapa seed observations, but also revise yesterday’s observations to make them more ‘scientific.’

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, January 15

H period: 

Homework (H period):

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Thursday, January 16 (no C period)

H period: 

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Friday, January 17 (no B period)

Today in science: