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Do you get frustrated when trying to make graphs in programs like Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or Apple Numbers?  If so, then you can use any of the websites below to create a number of different types of graphical representations without having to spend time too much time learning how to use the more involved software programs mentioned above. Most of the websites listed below have figured out a way to simply the graph-making process, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Far from it and you’ll soon find that they each have their limitations. However, with any of these programs you’ll be churning out a printable graph with relative ease.

1) Create a Graph (free; no sign up or login)
The Create a Graph website allows you to make 5 different types of graph, save them in different file formats, email them to yourself, and/or print them.

2) ChartGo (free; no sign up or login)
The ChartGo website allows you to make 4 different types of “charts” (or what we call graphs) including bar charts, area charts, line graphs, and bar graphs.

3) Grapher (free; no sign up or login)
The Grapher (v. 5.5.6) website allows you to do many of the things that both Create a Graph and ChartGo do, plus some additional functions including many ways to customize your work.  The interface doesn’t have as polished or ‘clean’ of a look as, say Create a Graph, but you’ll find it does some things that Create a Graph can’t.

Do you have a favorite online graphing website that’s not on this page?
If so, please use the Comment feature below to tell Dr. M about it.

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