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According to the JEI website,

“This is a section to acknowledge people who have made minor contributions to the manuscript.  For example, people who have read and commented on your manuscript before submission should be acknowledged.  This is also the section to state your funding sources (if any).”

Here’s an example of an Acknowledgements section from the Blackawton Bees Experiment, which was designed, performed and written up by 10-year-old science students in England…


Honey Bee

Blackawton Bees

We thank the whole of the Blackawton community, who truly engaged with the science research, including the George Inn–where the manuscript was written–for the free Cokes for the children (and pints for others). We thank the local parish for the use of the Norman church, where the experiments were run, and the parents for letting their children ‘work’ outside ‘normal’ school hours. Of course none of this would have happened without the innovative and enthusiastic support of the teachers of Blackawton. We are also indebted to Larry Maloney and Natalie Hempel de Ibarra for their openness to possibility and time, effort and detail in writing the commentary, as well as Dale Purves, Lars Chittka, Read Montague, Karl Friston and Geoff North (Current Biology) for their sage advice. Finally, we thank Chris Firth and Brian Charlesworth for their open-mindedness. The project was funded privately by Lottolab Studio, as the referees argued that young people cannot do real science.

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