4A | Materials

1: Title Page | 2: Abstract | 3: Introduction | 4: Methods | 5: Results | 6: Discussion
7: Appendices | 8: References | 9: Acknowledgements

Tips when talking about materials in your methods section…

  • Be as specific as possible. For example, instead of just writing the word “beaker,” you should write the size of beaker that you will use (e.g., “50 mL beaker”) If you are using a microscope, you should name the type of microscope and the magnification range you plan to use (e.g., “stereo microscope, 20x-40x”).  Also, don’t forget to include the number or quantity of items needed.  For example, “5 plastic Petri dishes” or “2 digital thermometers.”
  • In middle school, you should also think about including a diagram or photograph that shows how to set up your experiment. This is sometimes called the “experimental apparatus.” A diagram or photograph is particularly important for more complicated experiments. Be sure your diagram includes a title and proper labels.


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