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A good title is important. It alerts the reader to the topic of your paper. A well written or phrased title creates curiosity and tempts readers to investigate the substance of your paper. However, the main function of the title is to describe your research – succinctly. Long titles are not common and provide little or no advantage. If a living organism is the focus of your research, then the (scientific) name of the organism should be included in the title.

The title page should also have all of the authors listed in the order in which they contributed.

If you worked closely with your science teacher on this project, or any other adult mentor, they should be listed as the last author. Please also include the name of your school.

  • You can see a sample title page HERE (pdf).

Honey Bee

Blackawton Bees

Here’s an example of what the authors of the Blackawton Bees Experiment–a group of 10-year-old science students in England who worked with a professional neuroscientist–put on their title page…


Blackawton bees

P. S. Blackawton 1, S. Airzee 1, A. Allen 1, S. Baker 1, A. Berrow 1, C. Blair 1, M. Churchill 1, J. Coles 1, R. F.-J. Cumming 1, L. Fraquelli 1, C. Hackford 1, A. Hinton Mellor 1, M. Hutchcroft 1, B. Ireland 1, D. Jewsbury 1, A. Littlejohns 1, G. M. Littlejohns 1, M. Lotto 1, J. McKeown 1, A. O’Toole 1, H. Richards 1, L. Robbins-Davey 1, S. Roblyn 1, H. Rodwell-Lynn 1, D. Schenck 1, J. Springer 1, A. Wishy 1, T. Rodwell-Lynn 1, D. Strudwick 1 and R. B. Lotto 2*

Author Affiliations

1. Blackawton Primary School, Blackawton, Devon, UK
2. Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, 11-43 Bath Street, London EC1V 9EL, UK
* Author for correspondence (lotto@ucl.ac.uk)

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