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Each of the iPhone Apps below have the potential to support young scientists in the day-to-day work they do both inside and outside of their science classes. They have been loosely organized by discipline.


Coming soon…

1) 3D Cell – this tool will let you slip in and out of the structures of cells, with information on what each part does and helpful videos.

2) 3D Brain – this application makes it easier for students to start learning what we know about the brain and explore its structure.

3) HudsonAlpha’s iCell – provides users 3D views of the inside of three types of cell: animal, plant, and bacteria.


Chemist – Virtual Chem Lab (iPad)


Chemist – A virtual chemistry lab for the iPad

Have you ever wondered what would happen when you combine two random chemicals together in a beaker and heated them up? If so, then this App is for you.

There is a free version of this App, but most of my chemistry-loving 7th grade students absolutely swear by the paid version ($4.99) and say it’s worth it. I can see that are learning the names of the equipment we commonly use in our chemistry experiments, and also the names and properties of lots of different elements and chemical compounds.

If you want to see a short video that shows the App in action, click HERE.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration (iPad only)

A Visual Exploration

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

This App is not free ($7.99), but it is an interesting idea. Rather than present just the standard alphabetical symbols for each of the chemical elements, this App presents images of what the element actually looks like.

If you want a more simple, streamline periodic table App that is still effective, then try THIS one.

Molecules (iPhone |iPad)

Sunset Lake Software


This App is free.  Molecules is an application for viewing computer representations of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the screen.


Also of interest…

1) NIOSH Chemical Hazards – from this application, you can quickly learn which chemicals pose a danger so you and your lab partners can stay safe.

Space & Earth Science

GoSkyWatch Planetarium (iPhone | iPad)


GoSkyWatch Planetarium

This App is not free ($3.99).  Use this App to identify and locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and more simply by pointing at parts of the sky.  The developer calls it, “Your personal telescope to the wonders in the night sky.”

It is one of the highest rated Apps for science in the App Store.

NASA (iPad only)

NASA App for iPad


This App is free.  Here’s one for all of you space science people.  NASA makes thousands of images available to you, as well as lots of other interesting things such as on-demand videos, information about NASA satellites, and details about current missions.

Also of interest

1) National Geographic World Atlas – look up maps, facts about the world and much more through this atlas provided by National Geographic.

2) Seismograph – measure any kind of vibration or shaking using this app, from how much you generate jumping up and down to a real life earthquake.

 Physical Science

Sound Uncovered (iPad)

The explOratorium's Sound Uncovered

The explOratorium’s Sound Uncovered

This App is free. The San Franciso-based explOratorium has produced a wonderful interactive App book on sound. Here’s how they describe it: “Explore the surprising side of sound with Sound Uncovered, an interactive collection from the Exploratorium featuring auditory illusions, acoustic phenomena, and other things that go bump, beep, boom, and vroom. Hear with your eyes, see with your ears, test your hearing, make and modify recordings—this app puts you at the center of the experiment.”

 Color Uncovered (iPad)

The explOratorium's Color Uncovered

The explOratorium’s Color Uncovered

This App is free. The San Franciso-based explOratorium has produced a wonderful interactive App book on color. Here’s how they describe it: “Explore the surprising side of color with Color Uncovered, an interactive book for the iPad, featuring fascinating illusions, articles, and videos developed by the Exploratorium. There’s a broad spectrum of colorful surprises in store that focus on the art, physics, and psychology of color. In keeping with our hands-on spirit, there are also a few color activities you can conduct yourself using your iPad and simple items you have at home: a CD case, a drop of water, and a piece of paper. You’ll never look at color the same way again.”

Also of interest

1) Exploriments suite of (four) Electricity Apps

– Simple electrical circuits in series, parallel, and combination
– Ohm’s Law and resistance of devices in electrical circuits
– Current and charge
– Voltage measurement

All-Purpose Science

iHandy Bubble Level (iPhone only)

iHandyLevelThis App is free.  There are many uses in science for this instrument.  For example, there are times in which stream scientists need to ensure that a measuring tape stretched across a stream is horizontal or ‘level.’  Or, a botanist or forester may wish to determine the height of a tree with a homemade inclinometer (using a level with the device can ensure greater accuracy/standardization).

Also of interest

1) Science Glossary – with this tool, you can look up just about any relevant term you don’t know and find biographies of some of the most famous scientists of all time.

2) iLab: Timer HD – with iLab Timer, you can keep lab notes about your experiments and get access to reliable and easy-to-use timers.

3) TempConvert Universal – this tool makes going back and forth between different temperature scales a breeze.

4) Unit Conversion Pro+ – you can easily convert units using this handy iPad tool.


5) Singing Fingers, a fun (and funny) iPad App that you can see in action HERE.

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