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A well constructed lab/field notebook is one of the most important tools a scientists can own

The fact that Dr. Merritt has made the lab/field notebook 25% of a student’s overall science grade should communicate just how important he feels maintain a good notebook is to scientists and scientific work. When it comes to buying a notebook, students should look for an A4-sized notebook (in Europe) or an 8-1/2″ x 11″-sized notebook (in the U.S.) with horizontal lined paper. The most durable notebooks have sewn bindings. Dr. Merritt asks that you do not use notebooks with spiral (wire) bindings.

One of the best sources of high-quality science notebooks is an online seller called the Book Factory. The Book Factory’s custom lab notebooks are quite impressive, and students who take science very seriously might want to order a couple from them. To be sure, beside being highly functional, they will help you stand out from your classmates. Recently, however, Dr. Merritt has uncovered some additional vendors for notebooks that might be worth investigating:

1. RHODIA notebooks
2. WHITELINES notebooks
3. LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks
4. FIELDNOTES notebooks
5. MOLESKINE notebooks
6. RITE IN THE RAIN notebooks
7. VELA SCIENCES notebooks