Practice Set 2C

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PRACTICE SET 2C.0 – Asking journalistic-type questions of your narrowed topic: Who? What? When? Where?…but especially How? and Why?

PRACTICE SET 2C.1 – Asking about the history of your topic…

PRACTICE SET 2C.2 – Asking about the structure & composition of your topic…

PRACTICE SET 2C.3 – Asking about the categorization of your topic…

PRACTICE SET 2C.4 – Turning positive questions into negative ones…

PRACTICE SET 2C.5 – Asking speculative questions (what if?)…

Many, but not all, of the activities included above are listed in:

Booth, Colomb, & Williams (2008). The Craft of Research (3rd edition). The University of Chicago Press: Chicago, IL.

Do you have an idea for a useful Practice Set that you’d like to see added to this section? If so, please tell Dr. M about it through the Comment feature below.

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