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If you don’t yet know what a materials section is and/or how it functions in a scientific research article, then please visit the How To > Write > Research Articles > Methods section before reading any further…don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

All done? OK, welcome back!

In Practice Sets 3A-3G, you will engage in exercises aimed at improving your ability to create your own Materials (or Materials & Methods) sections for assignments such as lab reports, field reports, science fair posters, and original research articles.

PRACTICE SET 3A – Calling scientific equipment by its common name(s)

PRACTICE SET 3B – Calling scientific apparatus by its common name(s)

PRACTICE SET 3C – Knowing the names and functions of the parts of a light microscope

PRACTICE SET 3D – Knowing the names & symbols of elements commonly used in school experiments

PRACTICE SET 3E – Knowing the names & symbols of elements most commonly found in living things

PRACTICE SET 3F – Knowing the names & formulae of chemical solutions commonly used in school experiments


Coming soon…

  • Writing in the past tense

Do you have an idea for a useful Practice Set that you’d like to see added to this section? If so, please tell Dr. M about it through the Comment feature below.

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