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The Chinese teacher and philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC) is reported to have once said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

When it comes to laboratory and field equipment, this is advice that we take seriously in our classes. Science students in Dr. Merritt’s classes need to know the proper names of the instruments, equipment and apparatus commonly used both inside and outside of the classroom.

Using the links below, you can practice learning the proper names (and functions) of these instruments, equipment and apparatus.

1) Common Laboratory Equipment: This PDF document contains labelled pictures of commonly used laboratory equipment and a matching exercise that will begin to help you learn the function of each piece of equipment. Once you’ve completed the matching exercise, you can look at the answer key (coming soon) to help determine your progress.

  • Document source: Columbus (Texas) Independent School District

2) Lab Equipment Names and Functions: This excellent website provides names, pictures, and functions for most of the basic equipment found in school science labs. In addition, there are flashcard, learning, spelling, and practice test features to use so that you can learn the lab equipment in a variety of ways.

3) Lab Equipment Study Sheet: This PDF document contains names, descriptions, uses, and pictures (and/or illustrations) of most of the basic equipment found in school science labs. If you’d rather have a MS Word version of this document so that you can alter it and transform it into a study sheet of your own design, then you can access that file for downloading HERE.

  • Document source: River Dell (New Jersey) Regional School District

More practice links will be added soon…

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