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What is a banana? Let’s describe it with our five basic senses!

As mentioned in Description, you have four descriptive methods at your disposal when attempting to elaborate a definition. One of these four descriptive methods is the Flavour School method.

What is Flavour School?

In its simplest formulation, this method involves describing an object according to a plan that involves the use of the 5+1 basic human senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and aftertaste. The Flavour School method can thus be summarized in six straightforward questions:

  1. What do you SEE with your eyes?
  2. What can you FEEL with your hands?
  3. What can you SMELL with your nose?
  4. What can you HEAR with your ears?
  5. What can you TASTE with your mouth/tongue?
  6. What else can you TASTE with your mouth/tongue?

There is much more to the Flavour School method, however, than simply asking these six questions. Believe it or not, using your senses to describe foods is actually much more challenging than you might think! This is why Dr. Merritt has devoted an entire section of the SCIENCEsEDiment website to the Flavour School Method, as well as specific pages to each of the 5+1 senses (see below).

Some useful Flavour School tools…

  • SCIENCEsEDiment pages dedicated to each of the 5+1 basic human senses: SIGHT, TOUCH, SMELL, HEARING, TASTE, AFTERTASTE
  • Other senses? A sense of adventure and a sense of humor!
  • Personal qualities such bravery, curiosity, creativity, and patience
  • A magnifying glass (or hand lens)
  • The camera feature of a mobile phone or tablet
  • Lab Notebook


  1. Your teacher asks that you record all of your Flavour School method work in your Lab Notebook.
  2. Your Flavour School method work should be identified by a title that closely resembles the following example: Banana weeLAB™ – Description (Flavour School)
  3. Your final ‘flavoured’ definition should be boxed (i.e., enclosed in a neatly drawn rectangle) and labelled by a title placed just outside–and above–the top left corner of the box (the title should be “Flavoured definition”).
  4. Finally, you should perform a word count of your final flavoured definition and list this word count just outside–and under–the bottom right corner of the boxed definition.


Last updated: November 2019