The Oath

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As mentioned on the introductory page, weeLABs™ begin with The Oath. An oath is a solemn promise, often invoking a witness (divine or otherwise), regarding one’s future action or behavior.

Before beginning your weeLABs™ journey, Dr. Merritt insists you make a solemn promise written especially for you. Before beginning your first independent weeLAB™, you will be asked to read an oath aloud in class while standing before a photograph of one of Dr. Merritt’s all-time favorite television naturalists, Sir David Attenborough, who is the soothing voice of numerous well known BBC Natural History Unit videos.

The Oath

“I [state your name] am ready to embark on a challenging, but rewarding, scientific journey.”

“I promise to approach my weeLABs™ with creativity, imagination, patience, commitment, and an open mind. I understand that weeLABs™ require hard work, dedication, good time management strategies, and radical curiosity. While I accept that I will make mistakes, I will try my best to learn from and not repeat them. I trust that completing my weeLABs™ to the best of my ability will help me discover and develop the young scientist already living within me.”

“So help me Sir David.”

There. You’ve done it. Congratulations. You have successfully taken The Oath. The next stage of a weeLAB™ is to receive a special gift from your teacher.

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Last updated: September 2019