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“Publish or perish” is a commonly spoken maxim among professional scientists. It means share your work with others through writing–if you don’t, you probably won’t be a professional scientist for long.

As mentioned on the previous page, you are now positioned to write a well-elaborated definition of the original word/object first presented to you, as a gift, by your teacher.

Your elaborated definition can be up to (but no more than) 300 words, but the definition itself will make up just one of the four major sections of your written report. The headings of these four major sections are presented below.

I. Introduction
II. Method
III. Results
IV. Discussion

By using this particular overall organization and sequence, your completed report–which is called a weePORT™–will actually resemble an admittedly simplified (but still authentic!) version of a scientific journal article.

To help support you during your report writing, the Drs. Merritt have created a self-guiding, editable template for you to use. The master template is available in a variety of file formats depending on your technological needs and preferences.

  • Google Doc
  • MS Word (Coming soon)
  • Apple Pages (Coming soon)
  • Editable/fillable PDF (Coming soon)

Improving your weePORTs…

The one-page evaluation used by Dr. Merritt to evaluate your weePORTs™ is linked to ‘layers’ of rubrics designed for use both before and/or after writing your reports. Following these question-driven rubrics will improve your chances of meeting or exceeding the assignment expectations.

# Section Layer
0 Header 0 – Content & format
1 Introduction 1A – Subject sentence
1B – Merriam-Webster definition
2 Method 2 – Table
3 Results 3A – Definition (content)
3B – Definition (format)
4 Discussion 4 – Questions
5 Research 5A – Citations
5B – End references

Other useful writing resources…

  • Grammarly – a digital assistant which helps you eliminate commonly writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. There is a free version, but also the possibility of upgrading to a more powerful paid version should you desire it. It works well with Google Docs and can be easily integrated with Google Chrome as an added Extension. It also works well with iPads.

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Last updated: November 2019