Online Dictionaries

Listed below is a collection of some of the most reliable online dictionaries that may prove useful to students. They will prove particularly useful to Dr. Merritt’s science students, however, who are regularly asked to write eLab Papers for the purpose of expanding the logical definition of a scientific object or concept.

ABCD | EFG | HIJK | LMNOP | QRS | TUV | WXY&Z | 123s | Roots

  1. Wiktionary
  2. Google Dictionary (which you can also add to Google Chrome as an extension)
  4. The Free Dictionary (by Farlex)
  5. Merriam-Webster Online (but see also their Learner’s Dictionary)
  6. Cambridge Dictionary Online
  7. Visuwords
  8. Wordia

ABCD | EFG | HIJK | LMNOP | QRS | TUV | WXY&Z | 123s | Roots

 Last updated: July 2019

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