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If you don’t yet know what discussions are and/or how they function in a scientific research article, then please visit the How To > Write > Research Articles > Discussion page before reading any further…don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

All done? OK, welcome back!

In Practice Sets 6A-6X, you will engage in exercises aimed at improving your ability to create your own Discussion sections for assignments such as lab reports, field reports, science fair posters, and original research articles.

According to convention, in the Discussion section the author/scientist should accomplish each of the six tasks listed in italics below.

  1. Reaching conclusions about the initial hypotheses
  2. Comparing conclusions to those of other scientists
  3. Identifying sources of error and basic inadequacies of technique
  4. Speculating upon broader meanings of the conclusions reached
  5. Identifying further steps needed in research on the problem
  6. Suggesting improvements of methods

Do you have an idea for a useful Practice Set that you’d like to see added to the DISCUSSION section? If so, please tell Dr. M about it through the Comment feature below.

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