01 Engagement

Engagement | Exploration | Explanation | Elaboration | Evaluation

In this first stage of the Mud Creek Case Study, you will do things such as:

    • Reflect on your previous life experiences
    • Communicate your prior knowledge and experiences to others
    • Define key terms
    • Develop a shared language to make it easier to communicate with others (e.g., students, teachers, scientists, etc.)
    • Identify problems to solve, decisions to be made, and/or conflicts to be resolved
    • Make lists of…
      • things you know
      • things you need
      • things you need to know
      • things you want to know
    • Ask questions
    • Seek clarification(s)
    • Share your curiosity and enthusiasm with others
    • Make (lots of) mistakes; correct mistakes; make (lots of) new mistakes

In this unit, our Engagement (or Engage) stage includes:

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