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Equal parts teacher, naturalist, teacher educator, and education researcher, I have a Ph.D. in science education and nourish my soul with a steady diet of anthropology, history, and philosophy--but also with photography, gastronomy, fußball/football, and freeriding in the European Alps.

Grade 6: Week 1 Overview

Hello Grade 6 TASIS science students. Dr. Merritt has been busy preparing this week’s lesson overview for you. Please understand that all of your TASIS teachers are working very hard to get their lessons online with only a VERY short … Continue reading

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A sense of scale: Beyond the Earth’s paper-thin atmosphere

In yesterday’s blog entry, we tried to come to grips with the actual thickness of the Earth’s atmosphere. To do so, we drew the first four layers of the atmosphere to scale on a single piece of A3-sized paper oriented … Continue reading

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A sense of scale: The Earth’s atmosphere on a piece of paper

Large/long distances are difficult to experience, let alone imagine. This past week in our middle school science class we tried to develop a sense of scale as it relates to the thickness of the Earth’s atmosphere, a topic that we … Continue reading

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